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Manhattan - Majestic Theatre

A Brief History: The Majestic Theater, located at 245 West 44th Street in Manhattan, was opened on March 28, 1927. It was constructed as part of an entertainment complex, which included other theaters such as the Royale, and the Theatre Masque, renamed the John Golden. The purpose of having a complex of theaters was to be able to move shows to more appropriate venues based on ticket sales, depending on the size of the venue. They were built by the Chanin Brothers, but they commissioned architect Herbert Krapp to design the Majestic Theater, as well as the other buildings included in the complex.

Krapp was commissioned to create a different kind of theater experience, a talent he was known for. In constructing the Majestic, he created one of the first theatres with stadium seating, which was a rare attribute in theaters at the time.

The Majestic Theater was purchased by the Shubert brothers amidst the Great Depression, and is currently still owned by the Shubert Organization. The theater (interior and exterior) are both New York City landmarks. Some of the most notable shows that have played at the Majestic Theater include: The Wiz, Grease, 42nd Street, and Phantom of the Opera, which is currently still being performed.

Haunted History: The Majestic Theater also holds its claims to some paranormal activity. There have been claims of an apparition of a man walking across the stage and just disappear. Guests have also claimed of having a cold chill come over them and then just disappear. So next time your in the area, check out the Majestic Theater, and maybe you will have an unusual experience happen to you.

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