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Manhattan - Manhattan Bistro

A Brief History: Located at 129 Spring Street, the Manhattan Bistro was built in 1817, on top of the Manhattan Well. The Manhattan Well was the final resting place for Elma Sands. The story goes, on December 22, 1799, Elma set out with Levi Weeks for a nighttime sleigh ride. She expected Levi to propose, as the two had been dating for several months. Late that night, there were reports of screaming and yelling coming from the area of the Well. A week later, there were boys playing near the well and found a hand-warming muff, and Elma’s body was found. She had been badly beaten and thrown into the well. Levi Weeks was the only suspect in Elma’s murder. Weeks hired Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and Brockholst Livingston as his legal team. On March 31, 1800 weeks was tried for murder, which turns out to be the first murder case documented by a stenographer in America. The attorney’s led the jury to believe that Elma was a harlot and a drug user, when she previously had a clean reputation. When Levi Weeks was acquitted, Elma’s cousin (Catherine Rings) stood and pointed to Alexander Hamilton and stated “If thee dies a natural death, I shall think there is no justice in heaven!” Years later, Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton, his life continuing on a downward spiral. The judge was reported missing without a trace years later, and Livingston held a less than lucrative career.

Haunted History: Male Employees feel like they are being watched when they are by themselves. There have been reports of glasses and wine bottles being thrown across the room. Employees have claimed that they were locked in the wine cellar when no one else is around. People claim to have seen a woman, possible Elma Sands, in 18th century clothing walking around dripping wet.

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