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Manhattan - New Amsterdam Theatre

A Brief History: Located on 214 West 42nd Street. The New Amsterdam Theatre was built by Klaw and Erlanger in 1903. When the theatre was built, it could seat 1,800 guests, being the largest theatre of its time. The first play that the New Amsterdam theatre held was A Midsummer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare, in November of 1903. In the 1980s the theatre was shut down do to problems with the main supporting beam. In 1993 the Walt Disney Corporation agreed to restore the theatre costing $34 million dollars for the restoration project. The project took 4 years to complete and reopened in 1997. Today the theatre remains open and still holds some of the world’s greatest plays.

Haunted History: The ghost of a Ziegfeld Follies chorus girl, who’s name was Olive Thomas, killed herself by overdosing on syphilis medication from her alcoholic husband. Her ghost had been seen in one of the dressing rooms and on stage, wearing her green beaded Follies dress, a sash, and a beaded headpiece. She has also been spotted carrying around a blue glass bottle, which is said to contain the syphilis pills that killed her. Usually her ghost has been spotted after the audiences have left, however when the theatre places objects, and plays music from her time, she usually makes her presence known.

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