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Manhattan - Palace Theatre

A Brief History: Located in midtown Manhattan at 1564 Broadway, The Palace Theater first opened its doors on March 24th, 1913. Considered to be the world’s most famous and premier performance theatre from its opening until the 1930’s, to “Play the Palace” was a popular phrase created by entertainers that represented The Palace Theater’s immense importance and popularity. Currently used as a performance theatre like its original incarnation, the venue has seen many transformations and been used in different fashions; e.g. movie house, vaudeville shows and musical concert. Many famous people have performed at The Palace Theatre like Sandra Bernhardt, Harry Houdini, Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Buddy Hackett, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Better Midler, Shirley MacLaine, Diana Ross and Harry Belafonte.

Haunted History: The Palace Theater has a unique haunted history and more than 100 different ghosts seen by former patrons, performers and ex-employees. Various paranormal activity has been reported in multiple locations: a ghost of a little girl near on the balcony, a cellist ghost with a white-gown in the orchestra pit, an apparition of a little boy near the mezzanine, and even the ghost of Judy Garland near a private door used by the performer. Also, piano keys are heard and seen playing without someone there and the smell of burning cigarettes at the spot where a former manager purportedly committed suicide. Legend also has it that there is an “omen” ghost here. The omen ghost is one of an acrobat that used to perform at the Palace Theater. The legend states that the acrobat broke his neck while performing and died instantly. If you are in the Palace Theater and you see the ghost of the acrobat then you will soon come to your death.

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