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Manhattan - Trinity Church Cemetery

A Brief History: Few cemeteries in Manhattan hold the same prominence as the historic Trinity Church Cemetery located on 74 Trinity Place, a mere stone’s throw away from Wall Street. Constructed alongside Trinity Church in 1697 it’s broken and faded smooth tombstones are not simply a part of New York’s history but an integral piece in the story of our nation. On its grounds rest a myriad of Revolutionary War heroes and a few of our Founding Fathers, most famously Alexander Hamilton (who if you forgot your history you can find on a $10 bill).

Haunted History: The cemetery is a favorite stop on NYC and downtown haunted tours. There has been no concrete evidence to prove whether Trinity Church Cemetery is in fact haunted but many people have reported seeing shadowy figures and eerie specters at night. These activities seems to increase in frequency around the time of Burr-Hamilton duel leading many to speculate that the ghosts of Alexander Hamilton and/or Aaron Burr may still be disputing or perhaps searching for resolution long after their deaths.

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