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Manhattan - White House Tavern

A Brief History: The White Horse Tavern is located at 567 Hudson Street at West 11th Street. The Tavern was built in 1880. Since 1950 the White Horse Tavern has been known for New York’s poets to go and hang out there. One of the known poets that hung out at the tavern was Dylan Thomas. Thomas was known to go to the tavern quite often. In 1953 he decided to try and beat his record of 18 shots of whiskey. When he finished with his shots of whiskey, he stumbled outside and collapsed on the sidewalk. Soon after that he was taken to the Chelsea Hotel, were he slipped into a coma. The next morning he was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital, where he passed away.

Haunted History: It is said that there have been many encounters with the ghost of Dylan Thomas. People claim that they have seen him sitting at his favorite corner table, and then just disappear. There have also been reports of seeing Dylan Thomas outside the White Horse Tavern walking around.

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