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Staten Island - Staten Island Monastery

A Brief History: The Staten Island Monastery, as it has come to be known, consists of the abandoned buildings near the Grymes Hill section of Staten Island on property owned by Wagner University. Originally constructed as part of the St. Augustinian Academy, the buildings housed a private school for boy until the academy closed in the 1960’s. Later the property was used as a religious retreat till it was abandoned in 1985. For many years the buildings begun to deteriorate, becoming overridden with weeds and vines. The buildings that once stood on the grounds are now demolished and Wagner College owns the property.

Haunted History: Stories of satanic worship, animal sacrifice, and paranormal activity abound, especially as you descend into the foul smelling lower levels of the building. There is a rumor that a Monk went crazy and killed his fellow Monks, then dragged their dead bodies into the countless basement sublevels. Supposedly while in the monastery you will hear the sounds of footsteps behind you, as well as hearing people talking and even see a full body apparition.

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