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Bloody Pond

A Brief History: Bloody Pond is presently located at 1832 U.S. 9 Lake George New York. It earned its name during the Battle of Lake George on September 8, 1755, which was part of the French-Canadian and Indian War. On this day, British troops led by Nathaniel Folsom and Captain McGennis encountered French-Canadian and Native American forces. Following the massacre, approximately 200-300 French-Canadian and Native American corpses were rolled into the body of water, which adopted a red hue, thus earning the name of “Bloody Pond”.

In the present day, many historical markers can be seen around the area deemed Bloody Pond. However, according to archeologist David Starbuck, the modern-day Bloody Pond was believed to be created by the Town of Lake George. As stated by Starbuck, a stream is noted to the east of the modern-day pond, and the original pond was likely created by overflow from the stream, which collected in a depression.

Haunted History: People have claimed to see what looks like a glowing white light coming from the pond and then disappear. Investigators have claimed to have heard the sounds of men screaming and a chanting. Investigators have also heard the sounds of gunshots and a metallic smell at certain hours of the night.

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