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Fort William Henry Hotel

A Brief History: In the summer of June 1855, Fort William Henry opened its doors for the first time. This beautiful hotel faces Lake George. After the first year of the hotel opening, it received so many clients that the owners decided to make an extension on the hotel. Two stories were added to the building increasing the capacity from 350 to 900 people. One hot summer day on June 24, 1909, the hotel was completely destroyed by a terrible fire. Years after the fire, the owners decided to rebuild the hotel, but made it smaller to accommodate only 150 guests and built it with materials less susceptible to a fire, but still used materials that made the hotel look very luxurious. In 1912, the hotel was opened to the public as an all year resort that held many recreational activities for the guests. In 1952, entrepreneurs from the capital district bought the hotel and wanted to restore the hotel to make it as a replica of how the hotel stood in 1755 during the French and Indian war period thus making it a tourist attraction, but the sales of the gift shops and admissions were not enough and the hotel was operating at a loss. People were no longer interested in an old hotel. In 1969, the Fort William Corporation decided to demolish the hotel and made it into the Fort William Motor Inn, which accommodated 64 rooms. Some of the rooms of the old hotel were salvaged including the dining room and kitchen. In 1984, the owners made an extension of 35 rooms and an indoor pool. To attract more customers, the Fort William Henry cooperation added a conference center connected to a restaurant called the Village Blacksmith Steakhouse. The hotel blueprints mirrored the hotels blueprints of the old Fort William Henry hotel back in 1911.

Haunted History: There have been claims of hearing cries for help in the middle of the night. Guests have also claimed to feel unusual cold spots in the lobby area. Fire alarms are also said to go off for no reason at all.

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