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Headless Horseman Bridge

A Brief History: In the small Village of Sleepy Hollow in Tarrytown, NY sits a bridge with a big history. Used as a story point in The Legend of Sleepy Hollowwritten by Washington Irving, the Headless Horseman Bridge crosses over Pocantico River and seen in the background is the Old Dutch Church. The bridge today is oddly shaped, and if not a local you may not notice it while driving through town. The original bridge was simply described as a wooden bridge and no historical documentation exists that accurately depicts the structure. There have been a total of 5 bridges that have sat on Abby Post Rd., but as the road has changed over the years the original bridge was thought to be more downstream. The current bridge that was erected by William Rockefeller in 1912 has a historical landmark saying it is the site of the original bridge although this is technically inaccurate. The Headless Horseman was based off a Hessian artilleryman who had his head blown off by a cannonball during the American Revolution. It just so happens this incident happened on Halloween in 1776 during the Battle of White Plains just 9 miles outside of town. It is said that he was laid to rest in the Old Dutch Church.

Haunted History: The Headless Horseman or Headless Hessian as he is also known, has been seen riding from the Old Dutch Cemetery to the Bridge at midnight. People have also claimed there are feelings of uneasiness; they hear voices coming from the bridge and the sounds of a galloping horse.

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