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Lake George

A Brief History: Lake George is located in Upstate New York and is a part of the Adirondack Park. The lake is 32 miles long, 3 miles wide and has depths of nearly 200 feet. It is believed that the lake was formed 10,000 -12,000 years ago. No one is sure who discovered the lake first, some say it was Samuel de Champlain and others believe it was Father Isaac Jogues a French Missionary. The lake was originally named Lac Du Saint Sacrement, which translated to The Lake of the Blessed Sacrement in May of 1646 by Father Jogues.

Many years later the French and Indian War broke out because the French expanded into British territory. Commander William Johnson was ordered up North to Lake Champlain to fight the French and re-secure their land. During his travels he came to Lac Du Saint Sacrament and renamed it Lake George for the British King. In 1755 the Battle of Lake George took place in a series of 3 engagements. One night during the battle, a series of small British boats (bateaux) were out on the lake watching the territory. The Native Americans that were used during the war swam up to each boat and killed the soldiers that were on watch.

Haunted History: It is said that during the night if you look out onto the Lake you can see lights glowing in a row and they suddenly disappear one at a time. This is believed to be the Indians killing the British soldiers that were on the boats. It is also said that some hear the sound of cannon fire over the lake.

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