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Lake George Battleground - Father Isaac Jogues Monument

A Brief History: The Father Isaac Jogues Monument, found within Lake George Battlefield Park is located on Beach Road in Lake George Village, NY. Isaac Jogues was a French Jesuit priest from Orleans said to be the first white man to see Lake George NY. During the 1640’s while exploring The New World and spreading Christianity, Jogues was captured by native peoples and tortured for six years. During this time his thumbs and parts of his fore fingers were removed. Jogues with the help of local European settlers escapes imprisonment and returned to France. Four years later Jogues returns to The New World on a missionary where he is martyred by the Mohawk Indians. The statue was built after the canonization of Isaac Jogues in 1930. The statue serves as a memorial, honoring the life of Father Isaac Jogues and his attempts to bring Christianity to The New World. Today the statue sits quietly in Battlefield Park, where it can be viewed and enjoyed by picnickers and the public.

Haunted History: Seated in a heavily wooded part of the park, the area surrounding the memorial is said to be plagued by the sound of phantom gunfire and the appearance of deceased soldiers killed in battle. Visitors have also said that when standing near the statue you can feel a vibration coming from the statue.

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