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Lake George Battleground - Field Hospital

A Brief History: Battlefield Park, located in Lake George, New York, memorializes the site of the Battle of Lake George. During the French and Indian War, specifically September 8th 1755, Sir William Johnson led a force of 1,500 troops, both British and Native American, against the French in order to drive them out of the provinces. It is in this park that you will find what is called a Field Hospital; a temporary medical unit built on battlegrounds in order to treat wounded soldiers; essentially, a hospital camp. Built in 1755 during the war, this particular hospital was used to care for survivors during the winter of 1775 and 1776 after a failed attempt to capture Quebec. It is also known that during the American Revolution the battlefield contained the largest smallpox hospital. Nowadays, the hospital serves as a marker in Battlefield Park and considered a major part of the battlefields history, along with commanders such as Sir William Johnson and the Chief of the Mohawk Indians, King Hendrick.

Haunted History: There are reports of occurrences, which include the sounds of gunshots or cannon fire, as well as sightings of ghost soldiers. Many believe the spirits of those who died within the field hospital still haunt the site.

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