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Lake George Battleground - Fort George

A Brief History: Fort George was built on the same land where the battle of Lake George took place in 1755. During the battle, the British defeated the French and Indian troops. In 1759 General Jeffery Amherst told the British to construct a stone fort there to oppose Fort Carillon. During the American Revolution, on May 12, 1775, Americans took control of the fort and its supplies. The British then seized the Fort in 1718 and burned it to the ground. Today visitors can still see the foundations of the fort and some of the exterior walls.

Haunted History: Many people come and visit where the ruminants of Fort George use to stand and leave with much more than they bargained for. Many paranormal sightings have been reported around Fort George and On the Lake George Battlegrounds. Soldiers are seen in the forest wearing old uniforms then disappear at the blink of an eye. These sightings happen both at night and during the day. Burning smells and ghastly mists have also been reported, as well as echoes of canon fire can be heard throughout the forest. At night people have reported uneasy feelings and heaviness.

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