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Lake George Battleground - Lake George Battleground

A Brief History: The battle of Lake George, not to be confused with the battle of Fort William Henry. The Battle of Lake George took place on Sept 8, 1755 between French, Indian, Canadian and British forces. The battle is nothing more than 2 separate engagements throughout the day. The first engagement was called the “Bloody Morning Scout”. It was an ambush the French and Indian forces set up on a rough road. The French and Indian forces fired on the British and Indian forces. The Mohawk war chief and ally to the British, King Hendrick was killed along with the British commander Col. Williams. Nathan Whiting assumes command and orders the British to retreat. More British troops have heard of this engagement and have come to the rescue. They have set up cannons and barricades waiting for the French. The French arrive at noon and a large fight breaks out. It is the French this time who are beaten back. The second engagement called “Bloody Pond” took place. 300 New Hampshire and New York colonials ambushed French and Indian forces just south of the present day town at a small pond. The colonials through the bodies of the Indians and Canadians into the pond turning the water red from all the blood. By 5:00p.m. the Battle of Lake George was over. It is estimated that the British suffer 216 killed and 96 wounded. However the French losses are estimated close to 800. The battle was the first British victory against the French thus far in the war.

Haunted History: There are many paranormal claims associated with the battlefield. People have reported seeing phantom soldiers or Regiments on the field. People have reported hearing cannon fire or gunshots. Paranormal investigators have recorded lots of EVPs and there are also claims of seeing a smoky form by the King Hendrick monument.

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