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Lake George Battleground - Statue Of An Indian Drinking Water

A Brief History: The statue, which today lies nestled in the woods of Battlefield Park in Lake George, was created in the early 1900’s by Alexander Phimister Protor, and was given to the park in 1921 by the New York State Commissioner of Conservation, George Pratt. The sculpture is dedicated to the memory of the many tribes of Indians that once occupied the area. The inscription on the statue reads, “Under quiet pines a midst a peaceful pool, an Indian is poised, dipping his hand for a drink from the cool water.”

Haunted History: There have been claims of many tourists, as well as a park ranger witness an actual apparition of an Indian drinking water from a stream and then disappear in front of the actual statue. Paranormal investigators have reported feelings of being watched and uneasiness, when standing in front of the statue. Investigators also have reported feeling cold spots in the area as well. So next time your in the Lake George area be sure to check out the statue of the Indian Drinking water and maybe you will have your own experience.

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