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Lake George Junior/Senior H.S.

A Brief History: Sitting in the upstate New York town of Lake George is Lake George Junior-Senior High School. The school which is home to approximately 500 students ranging from seventh through twelfth grade is located on Canada Street. However, if you went back in time to the year 1757, the property was used for a much different purpose. In 1757 the French and Indian War was raging, and the property was used by French forces under the command of General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm. Montcalm’s forces had moved into the area in order to lay siege to the British and Colonial forces at Fort William Henry. From the area Montcalm planned his siege, which was eventually successful. They pounded Fort William Henry with artillery continually for 6 days. The outnumbered garrison of British regulars and colonial militia bravely held on as long as they could, but with no hope of reinforcements and assistance Lieutenant Colonel George Munro surrendered Fort William Henry and its defenders into the arms of the French, and her native allies. The following massacre of some of the surrendered soldiers later was recorded into infamy in James Fennimore Cooper’s story, The Last of the Mohicans.

Haunted History: Fast forward 250 years and now sits a high school. Only an erected sign shows that the property was once home to thousands of French soldiers gearing up to storm the British fortification. However, there are some people who think something other than a metallic sign points to what happened in the past. People visiting the property have claimed to see and hear signs of the long concluded battle. Some claim to hear the sound of mortars and cannons firing in the night. Ghostly sightings of soldiers have also been reported. If you have a chance take a trip to Lake George. At night take a walk past the rebuilt historical fort, and head on down Canada Street to the school. In the quiet silence of night maybe a little bit of history will present itself to you.

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