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Towers Hall

A Brief History: It is debated exactly when Towers Hall was built, but it is believed to have been erected in the late 1850’s or 1860’s. The hotel was built in 1855 and was sold in 1868 upon which it underwent renovations and took shape as the beautiful structure that it was in its prime. Towers Hall in particular was built with the purpose of being a carriage house, and held all of the private and commercial coaches during the golden age of the stagecoach. As time passed, Towers Hall was used to store automobiles that could be rented by the wealthier guests. In 1909 the hotel burned to the ground and was rebuilt by then owners, D&H Railroad. In the 1960’s Towers Hall had gone from a garage to a theater, which housed many concerts, parties, and other forms of entertainment, as the primary business in Lake George became tourism. Today its function is similar as it is now a banquet hall and conference center for large gatherings of people in the Lake George area.

Haunted History: There have been claims of people feeling a cold chill run through their body while visiting Towers Hall. There have also been claims of seeing shadow people in the hall.

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