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Control Object

Control Object

FACT: A control object is an object that is placed in a certain area and location that is marked, so if there is any movement then we will be aware of it.

THEORY: In theory a ghost/spirit may move an object that is stationary to either get your attention or because the object the ghost/spirit is moving had some kind of significant value when they were alive.


SET UP PROCESS: The first thing you need to do is determine which type of control object you’re going to use. Listed below are some examples of a control object and the set-up process.

  • Glass or Cup: Set up on a table and then mark the object down on the surface.

  • Money/Coins: Set up on a table or counter top and mark the coins by putting a piece of paper underneath the coins and trace the coins on the paper without moving them.

  • Keys: Set up keys on a table or counter but be sure to mark the spot where the keys are placed.

  • Jewelry: Set up a ring, watch etc. on a table on nightstand, but be sure to mark the spot where the jewelry is placed.

  • Pen: Set up by drawing a line down a piece of paper and place down on a surface. Then place the pen directly on the line.

  • Baby Powder/Flour: Set up by placing the powder on a clean surface such as a table, to see if you get a handprint.


READINGS: A paranormal reading will consist of any unusual movement from the control object from the set place that the object started at. If your control object is flour or baby powder, make sure the surface is completely clean, with no fingerprint residue. If the surface is not completely clean, any old fingerprints that were left behind will start to appear through the powder, showing you a fingerprint or a handprint that could be easily mistaken for paranormal activity. If the surface you’re using is completely clean and a handprint appears, it may be paranormal.

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