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Digital Electro Smog Meter

Digital Electro Smog Meter

FACT: The Digital Electro Smog Meter has two settings: one that detects wave field strengths of radio frequencies, and the other EMF fields.


Theory # 1: If a ghost/spirit wants to communicate with you it may try and do so by using radio frequencies that are available, which may cause this meter to react.


Theory # 2: When a ghost/spirit is manifesting it may give off a radio frequency that may be picked up by this meter.


Theory # 3: In theory a spirit/ghost can communicate with you through this meter by tapping into different radio frequencies and lighting up the LED lights. There would be 2 dashes of light if the answer is “yes,” and 1 dash of light if the answer is “no.” (This is Chris Fleming’s theory on the K-II Meter.) NOTE: (At this time LIPI is in the process of testing this theory in the field.)


Theory # 4: When a spirit/ghost manifests, it may give off an electromagnetic field, which may be picked up by an EMF meter.


Theory # 5: When a spirit/ghost manifests, it needs energy to do so. In an area where there is a high EMF field, the spirit/ghost may draw in that high EMF and manifest.

HOW TO USE: To turn on the meter by pressing the power button on. Decide whether you want the meter to detect radio frequencies or EMF. Once you decide, press the top black button until it reads what you want it to. Hold the meter vertically to get an accurate reading. If the meter gets a reading, try to locate where the reading is coming from by going over your previous pathway. When the investigation is complete, write down your readings in the field report.


Radio Frequencies: The range on the meter at this setting is –55dBm to –5dBm.

The broad bandwidth range is from 1MHz to 8 GHz. The range from the meter to the active field depends on the strength of the source. Listed are some known ranges. Wireless routers 0-50 feet, Cellular phones 0-12 feet, Walkie-talkies 0-20 feet, CB radios 0-50 feet, Car alarms 0-6 feet, and Microwaves (turned on) 0-50 feet.


EMF: The range on the meter at this setting is 0mg to 545mg. The range from the meter to the active field is from 0 – 6 feet, depending on how strong the electromagnetic field is.


Radio Frequencies: The unit of measurement on this meter is decibels of the measured power reference to one milliwatt (dBm). (dBm) is a unit for power measurement. Normal activity through this meter is –55dBm to –35dBm. Paranormal activity occurs between –30dBm to –15dBm. Any readings above –10dBm is probably non paranormal. This meter will detect all different types of things that give off or generate radio frequencies, such as wireless routers, cellular phones, walkie-talkies, CB radios, police scanners, car alarms, microwave ovens, etc. The readings for Theory #3 are that the LED lights will blink twice for “yes,” and once for “no.”


EMF: The unit of measure for this setting is milligauss (mg). Normal readings are from 0mg to 1.5mg. Paranormal readings are from 1.5mg to 8mg. Paranormal activity can occur lower than 1.5mg if the base is low. For example, if you are getting a base reading of 0.1mg to 0.3mg, and then the meter jumps to 1.2mg, then this may be paranormal activity.

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