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REM stands for Radiating Electromagnetism. It is said that the REM Pod generates its own electromagnetic field, surrounding the device through the antenna using a circuit board and an oscillator. The device itself does not give off any EMF that can be detected by other meters making it hard to see if that is true or not.

THEORY: When a spirit/ghost approaches the device it can manipulate/interact with the REM Pod by setting off the lights.

HOW TO USE: Turn on the REM Pod and place it in an area away from any areas of high EMF. You can ask EVP questions asking a spirit/ghost to manipulate the lights by approaching the antenna. When the investigation is complete, write down any significant readings in the field report.

RANGE: The range on the REM Pod is 0inches – 4 inches in a radius from the antenna.

READINGS: Paranormal readings can occur when the lights are manipulated. The closer to the probe a spirit/ghost gets, the lights change color, and a high-pitched sound occurs getting louder as it gets closer to the antenna.

Green Light: Goes off in the 3 – 4 inch radius of the antenna.

Yellow Light: Goes off in the 3 – 2 inch radius of the antenna.

Blue Light: Goes off in the 2 – 1 inch radius of the antenna.

Red Light: Goes off under 1 inch radius of the antenna.

When contact is made to the antenna, all lights go solid, and a high-pitched sound occurs.


There are many things that can throw off the REM Pod readings, such as speakers, electrical wires, television sets, computers, appliances, electrical outlets, romex cable, power lines etc., so be aware of your surroundings.


NOTE: This device will also detect all different types of things that give off or generate radio frequencies, such as wireless routers, cellular phones, walkie-talkies, CB radios, police scanners, car alarms, microwave ovens, etc.

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