A Brief History: The Abbey John B. McCreary House is located at 34 Gurney Street Cape May New Jersey. Built between 1869-1870 by Architect Stephan Decatur Button who was well known in New Jersey and Philadelphia for creating works such as the Stockton Hotel and Congress Hall Hotel among many others. Then state senator and Pennsylvanian coal baron John B. McCreary commissioned the John B. McCreary house for $20,000. Button designed the Abbey with a mix of Victorian charm and Gothic revival that also included ruby glass arched windows and featured a 60’ tower. The building was also known for its home as the Christian Science Society. The McCreary house was put on the National Register of Historic places in 1970 and the structure operated from 1979-2012 as The Abbey bed and breakfast. It was sold in 2012 and the structure is still being rented out as of 2019.

A Haunted History: Paranormal claims include doors opening and closing on their own even though they would be dead bolted every night. There are also reports of cold spots in the bedrooms and faucets turning on and off by themselves.