A Brief History: Located at 2245 Broadhollow Road in Farmingdale New York, Adventureland is a popular amusement park among Long Islanders. It was opened in 1962 by Alvin Cohen and Herb Budin. They kept the park up to date and exciting to its patrons by updating rides through the years. In 1976 they purchased two European rides from Willy Miller, who would become the owner of the park a year later. The park was sold again in 1978 to the current owners Tony Gentile and Peter Amoruso. The park was expanded shortly after the purchase. There have been several injuries noted over the years including a prop skeleton falling on a five year old girl and a separate incident of a six year old child having their hand caught in part of a ride where his skin was reportedly ripped from the bone in what was called a “Degloving Injury”. An employee was mentioned to have been pinned under a piece of metal from the wave surfer ride while taking down the ride. Two notable deaths occurred in 2005 due to accidents that happened on the park grounds. A Ladybug Coaster built in 2000 named the “Paul Bunyan” was the cause behind a teenager’s death. Eighteen-year-old Stephen Gary was working as a ride operator and was stuck and run over by the coaster car. He died the next day of internal injuries. The same day of his death an unrelated incident claimed another life. Forty Five year old park guest Barbara Brady was thrown from Top Scan, a 66ft high ride made in the Netherlands in 1998 and brought to the park in 2003. There was an issue with the ride restraints and she was thrown from Top Scan. She crashed into a car in the parking lot and died there.

Haunted History: There have been claims of hearing screams coming from the park at night after the park has been closed. People walking by at night have claimed to hear the sounds of children laughing and a shadowy mist within the gates of the park.