A Brief History: The Arnolds Tavern was a Revolutionary War site, which resided in 20 North Park Place Morristown, NJ. The tavern was owned by Colonel Jacob Arnold, the commander of the light-horse militia of Morris County, New Jersey. George Washington rented the second floor of the Arnold Tavern, which was used as the winter headquarters of the Revolution from January to May of 1777. Alexander Hamilton moved into the tavern after being appointed Aide-De-Camp to Washington on March 1, 1777. The Arnold Tavern stood in its original state for over a century, until it was purchased by a local author and historian, Julia Keese Nelson Colles. Colles had the tavern moved, intending to renovate stand expand it into a hotel. After some add-ons, the building wasn’t used as a hotel, but rather became All Souls Hospital instead. After a fire badly damaged the building a small amount of remnants are left.

Haunted History: People claim to have heard a conversation between multiple men taking place inside the building when the building is vacant. People also claim to see a man in uniform walking around outside on the street and then vanish.