THEORY: In theory when a spirit/ghost starts to manifest it may cause an increase/decrease in barometric pressure.

HOW TO USE: Take base readings so you can compare the readings you take out in the field, to see if there is any activity.

  • Look for an increase/decrease in pressure during the investigation.

  • When the investigation is complete, log your readings in the logbook.

RANGE: The range of readings on this meter is from 580mb to 1050mb.

READINGS: The unit of measurement for pressure is millibars (mb). If there is an increase/decrease of 20mb, then it could be considered paranormal activity. If pressure starts to decrease from 1000mb to 980mb, this means that there is a severe storm coming your way, or is present. If pressure decreases to 950mb or below, then that means there is a hurricane present. NOTE: If you have an Ion Counter present during the investigation when there is a decrease in pressure, due to a storm, then the Air Ion Counter should read positive ions in the air. If the pressure starts to increase during an investigation to 1000mb or above, then this could mean that the low-pressure storm system is moving away from you. NOTE: The readings listed for weather are based on coastal regions, not inland.