A Brief History: The Bonham House, located at 152 East Market Street in York Pennsylvania, has been around since 1875, and was known as the “Bonham Homestead”. The home was occupied by the Bonham Family from 1875 all the way up until 1965, almost an entire century. The first residents were Horace and Rebekah Bonham and their four children, Mary, Elizabeth, Amy and Eleanor. The house was so well preserved it acts as a looking glass into how a middle class family in the 19thcentury would have lived. Astonishingly enough, all of the artifacts on display in the home today are all original pieces from the Bonham Family themselves. There are photos of the Bonham Family throughout the home as well as stained glass windows from the 1870’s, and a huge fireplace and mantel, which at the time was an indicator of the family’s wealth and status.

The home has 13 rooms, amongst them were parlors for entertaining guests, a library, a sitting room for afternoon tea, a dressing room, a child’s room and servant’s quarters just to name a few. This is the perfect place to journey back in time and see how people authentically lived during the 1800’s up until the 1900’s. I’m sure you won’t find a more preserved location than this.

Haunted History: People have claimed to have heard a conversation between 2 males inside the house when no one is present. There have also been claims of hearing footsteps of someone walking around on the 2ndfloor but when someone goes there to see who it is the footsteps stop.