A Brief History: The Boothe Homestead is located at 134 Main Street Stratford Connecticut and was built in 1663 by Richard Boothe. The Boothe family is said to be the first established family in the township and Richard Boothe was the first of his family to reside there. A cathedral was built on the grounds in 1933 dedicated to the Great Depression, and it was called the “Technocratic Cathedral”. A miniature lighthouse was also built although the ocean is not near as well as a rose garden and blacksmith shop. Richard Boothe and his brother were heavily involved in spiritual practices and would hold Easter sunrise services often. The last gathering was held in 1938 after complaints from many religious fanatics. Today three large crosses still stand between a rock garden and the rose garden.

Haunted History: Today the upstairs of the Boothe Homestead is a museum open to the public. There have been many reports of paranormal activity including an amber glow from one of the windows with a silhouette of a woman peering down on anyone standing in front of the house. An old man who many claim to be Richard Boothe is often seen walking from the bathroom, down the hall and up the stairs to the area where the museum now stands. In the museum there have been reports of an antique phone ringing uncontrollably and the grandfather clock chiming although both are not in service.