A Brief History: Brick House Tavern is located at 300-398 E Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg, Virginia. Prior to the Williamsburg restoration project the original structure was built during the 1700s and served as an inn. The Inn was run by Mary Davis who famously advertised that the inn held between 12 and 14 “very good lodging rooms” with the first-floor serving as quarters for women and the second floor serving as quarters for men. The inn at the time is believed to have rented individual space in beds rather than rooms themselves with patrons sharing their sleeping arrangements with total strangers. Today the building still serves as lodging for those seeking the authentic colonial experience and can be reserved as a part of Colonial Williamsburg’s “Colonial Houses” lodging option.

Haunted History: During the fall season Brick House Tavern along with the other colonial houses is sought after by guests looking to immerse themselves in the ghost stories of the area. Visitors to Brick House Tavern have reported hearing stomping footsteps, smelling tobacco, flickering lights, and even seeing shadowy figures and full-bodied apparitions in period clothing.