A Brief History: Brookwood Hall mansion was built in 1903 by H.K. Knapp, on the site of the old Stellenwerf’s Lake House Hotel in East Islip Long Island. In 1929 the estate was sold to the Thorne Family, who lived there until 1941 when it was turned into an orphanage. The Orphan Asylum of Brooklyn housed over 500 kids from 1942 until 1965 when foster homes led to its closure. In recent years the mansion has undergone extensive renovations to restore the look of the home. Today Brookwood Hall is home to the Islip town offices, Islip Arts Council, and the Islip Arts Museum.

Haunted History: Employees have claimed to hear children crying and unusual cold spots. While visitors are walking outside of the house they claim to have seen a little boy playing by the river and then just disappear.