A Brief History: The Buckingham-Hall House was a “coastal homestead farmhouse” built in 1768, on the estate of Samuel Buckingham, of Old Saybrook, Connecticut. The house belonged to the time of the 19th century. A bustling period filled with a variety of lifestyle. Travelers were known to come and go by ferry and trading ships were seen coasting the river and making stops to import and export goods from the local farmers.

In the mid 1930’s, the Buckingham-Hall House was sold to the son of William Hall Sr., William Hall Jr. Following the purchase; a series of threats invaded the Hall family. A new highway bridge was to be built across the Connecticut River but the house stood in the way. In 1951, it was set to be demolished. However, an agreement was reached to preserve the house. They relocated the residence about 2 miles away, to Mystic Seaport, by a barge shipment.

The Buckingham-Hall house to this day, remains in Mystic Seaport, Connecticut. Having had been converted to a museum, many still come and go. The house can be seen still standing with an array of vegetable, fruit, herb, and flower gardens that surround the farmhouse as were to in the past.

Haunted History: The Buckingham-Hall house is an invaluable place to the history and the families that once resided in Mystic Seaport, Connecticut. Visitors have claims of experiencing paranormal occurrences throughout the town, as well as the Buckingham Hall residence.

It is said that the coastal farmhouse, is haunted by an “ill-tempered” woman, whom may still be upset about the relocation of their home. There are claims of this woman’s voice being heard throughout the halls and faces of apparitions seen in the gardens.

The historic Buckingham Hall House of the mid 1830’s may indeed still be considered home to those who once resided in it.