A Brief History: Located at 581 W. Jericho Turnpike Smithtown NY. The Caleb Smith house was originally part of the family estate in Commack, New York. This Colonial Queen Anne style home was built in two stages, construction began in 1724 but wasn’t completed until 1819. Built by Richard “Bull” Smith and his father Daniel Smith II the home stayed on the estate until 1955 when it was moved to its Jericho Turnpike location in Smithtown, New York. It once served as the headquarters for the Smithtown Historical Society. It now serves as the Society’s exhibition hall that contains a large number of documents, decorative arts, costumes and textiles. Though it has undergone many renovations over the years, much of the house still remains in tact.

Haunted History: There have been many reports of the dolls in the crib changing position and moving their hands. There are also loud bangs that can be heard throughout the house and no known cause has been found.