A Brief History: In 1942 the United States Government set up Fort Hero, named after Major General Andrew Hero Jr. Considered to be a likely point of attack by the German U-boats in the eastern coast of Long Island the government decided to upgrade the Fort to Camp Hero in the same year. The Camp was designed to look like a New England fishing town, the bunkers had windows painted on them and the training gym was designed to look like an old church. After WWII had ended it was shut down and used only as a training facility to the US Army.

In the 1950’s with the beginning of the Cold War a huge concern of Long Range missiles flying over, the US government gave the Western half of the base to the773rd Aircraft Control and Warning (AC&W) Squadron; they were there to spot and identify all aircrafts. In 1958 a Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) radar system was set up. It was designed to detect any airborne objects with a range of 200 miles. Due to the increasing development of Spy Satellite technology the airbase was considered obsolete and closed down in 1981.

In 1984 the government tried to sell the land to real estate but because of environmental protest it was deemed unique for ecosystems and animal habitats. It was donated to the New York Department of State Parks. The idea of turning it into a golf course was abandoned after 1999 and in 2002 the Park was opened to the public, which it remains to this day.

Haunted History: The most famous account of Camp Hero is the Montauk project. It was said that two boys were kidnapped and put in a special training facility on the camp. They were being experimented on to see if they could be used for remote viewing or bringing in objects from another dimension with the use of the Montauk Chair. Also known as the Phoenix project and was said to of had scientists from Brookhaven National Labs in charge of the Project. It was said that in one Experiment with the Montauk Chair a boy accidentally opened a door that released a fourth dimensional creature they refer to as “Junior”. It is said that the creature was captured underneath the grounds and that it was closed off. It is also said that the state park only owns the grounds and everything underneath is owned by the US Government.