A Brief History:The Captain Peter Greene House is located at 1124 West Shore Road in Warwick, Rhode Island. It was built in 1751 and is one of the most significant historic locations in Warwick. The land was purchased in 1680 by Stephen Arnold and four years later left to his daughter, Elizabeth. She was the wife of Peter Greene, Captain of the local militia at the time. While it is possible that Captain Greene may have built a house on the land as early as 1714, it was more likely built by one of his sons. The house has recently been restored by its owners to look as close to it’s original state as possible. The landscaping is punctuated by two unmarked graves in the backyard near an old wooden fence.

Haunted History: Recent ownership has experienced multiple cases of paranormal activity. Some of the experiences have included unexplained music, doors mysteriously opening or unable to be opened, and even a sighting of an apparition in an upstairs bedroom. A lot of the activity seemed to be focused around the owner’s young daughter and her bedroom. However, the owners don’t fear the presence and are open to having it in their home. They just hope to achieve a better understanding of it.