A Brief History: Casablanca Inn is located at 24 Avenida Menendez, Street St. Augustine, Florida. The Inn was built in 1914 under the name of the Matanzas Hotel. The hotel was owned and operated by Ms. Bradshaw during the 1920’s played a major part during the prohibition era of that time. Ms. Bradshaw used the inn to help rumrunners smuggle alcohol into the bay of St. Augustine. When a ship was scheduled to arrive, she would light a lantern on the second floor window and wave it back and forth as a signal that the smugglers were clear of law enforcement. Ms. Bradshaw continued to do this for many years and was never caught. It is said that she received great financial compensation for helping during this time. A few years after, the hotel changed owners and was renamed the Casablanca Inn.

A Haunted History: There are many claims of the paranormal from guests visiting the Casablanca Inn today. People have reported seeing a female figure walking the halls believed to be Ms. Bradshaw. Many women who have visited the inn say that when they look into a mirror they do not see themselves but another female figure instead or that there is a female figure standing beside them in the mirror. There are also reports of a light that waves back and forth on the second floor.