A Brief History: The Casemate Barracks were built from 1839 to 1843 by a number of convicts from England. The barracks were built with bricks, concrete and limestone. The walls were 8 feet think to withstand bombings from any enemy attacks. The barracks are two stories tall and could house 120 men, which consisted of officer’s rooms, navy men room, mess halls, and offices.

In 1951 the Royal Navy left Bermuda and the barracks were renovated and turned into a prison for Bermuda’s convicts in 1963. The barracks remained a prison until 1995, and then the doors closed and was left abandoned. The new prison was built on Pender Road a few blocks from the dockyard and is called Westgate.

After sitting abandoned for 58 years, in 2009 WEDCO (West End Development Corporation) signed the Casemate Barracks over to the Bermuda Maritime Museum on a 99-year lease to build a National Museum at this location. The plans for restoration of the Casemate Barracks started in 2013 and include a museum, exhibition center, and a tourist center. The restoration process is a slow process but the Bermuda Maritime Museum will eventually open the Casemate Barracks to the public in the future so people can enjoy its rich history.

Haunted History: People have claimed to have seen an apparition of a man walking through the hall and then disappear. Workers have claimed to have felt like they were being watched and unusual cold spots felt.