A Brief History: Located at 1 South Castillo Drive in St. Augustine Florida, Castillo de San Marcos began construction in 1672 and lasted until 1695. It is known for many things including being the oldest fort in the continental United States, and having never been taken by a military invasion during over its entire history. The British attacked the fort on three separate occasions for the first time in 1702, 1728, and finally in 1740. Although they could burn the city, the British forces were forced to leave before ever breaching the walls of the fort. In 1763, the fort turned over to British control when Florida became a colony of the British and was turned into a military prison during the revolutionary war. In 1784 it was returned to Spain at the end of the revolutionary war until Florida was given back to the United States in 1821. It was then used as a prison for many Native Americans during the late 1800s until it was removed from the list of active forts in 1900 and declared a national monument in 1924. Today the fort is a museum that you can visit and enjoy it’s history.

Haunted History: Castillo De San Marcos is well known for the many manifestations that occur throughout the castle including entities of soldiers who still serve after death, and prisoners who died or were executed. The most well known of these entities is of Deloris Marti who appears as a woman dressed in all white carrying a strong smell of perfume with her. In 1784 the commander at the time (Col. Garcia Marti) suspected his wife (Deloris) of having an affair with his assistant (Captain Abela). Deloris always wore a strong perfume and one day he smelt it coming from Captain Abela. The two of them mysteriously disappeared and were never found. 50 years later in 1833, a hidden room was found with two skeletal remains, believed to be Deloris and Abela, chained to the wall. It was said that when the room was open a strong perfume scent swiftly engulfed the room.