A Brief History: Cedarmere is located on 225 Bryant Avenue in the Village of Roslyn Harbor, New York, with scenic views of Hempstead Harbor. It was originally built in 1787 by a Quaker farmer. It was purchased by poet William Cullen Bryant in 1843 and he named it Cedarmere in honor of the cedar trees that surrounded the pond on the property. In addition to the main house and the pond, the property also has a boathouse, a mill, gardens, and breathtaking landscapes designed by Bryant himself. There was a serious fire in the house in 1902 and was rebuilt in 1903. The estate was passed down through the generations and eventually left to Nassau County in 1976. The property underwent major renovations between 2013 and 2016. Today it is opened to the public for assorted events and programs.

Haunted History: Seemingly, Cedarmere was not merely the favorite haunt of just Mr. Bryant. It continues to be the preferred locale of other souls as well. The caretaker of the estate reported that an employee saw the ghost of a Native American walking through the property at dusk. There was another story of a Victorian woman seen in the mill house. Other claims of different ghosts and other paranormal experiences throughout the property have also been reported, such as Shadow People Seen, lights flickering on and off, doors opening and closing on their own, reports of being pushed down the stairs, unusual knocking and tapping sounds heard, as well as smoky forms seen. Recently, paranormal investigators have conducted investigations at the site, and have caught some light anomalies in photographs as well as multiple EVPs. It remains to be seen what other secrets from this historic landmark will be revealed.