A Brief History: Located on land that is now owned by the Touro Law Center in Central Islip, the Central Islip Psychiatric Center Potters Field is land that was used as a cemetery for the Central Islip State Hospital when it first opened in 1889. The cemetery remained in operation until the last patients were transferred to Pilgrim State Psychiatric Center and the Central Islip State Hospital was closed down in 1996. In its 107 years of service some 5000 people were buried there, most with simple grave markers or pauper’s graves with markers displaying no name just a number. While most buried at the potter’s field were poor forgotten members of society, there were some famous patients buried there such as feminist author Edna Gertrude Beasley and the African American artist Henry Johnson.

Haunted History: People have claimed to have seen an apparition of a woman standing in the field and then vanish. People have also heard the cries of men and woman when no one else is around. People have also claimed to have caught EVPs at this location.