A Brief History: Chandler Estate, also known as Satan’s Trails is located in Mount Sinai, New York. Chandler Estate was originally a waterfront resort that overlooked Mt. Sinai Harbor. During the 1950s, actress Marilyn Monroe, and playwright Arthur Miller stayed there. Eventually the property changed from being a resort to an apartment complex. After the complex closed it sustained fire damage and was demolished. Currently it is a mixture an overgrown field with some foundations and woods.

Haunted History: Chandler Estate is rumored to be part of various cult activity, as well as host to claims of the paranormal. Among the rumors is a claim that satanic worshipers attempt to contact something nicknamed “the Whacker.” Some people claim to have encountered the spirit of Marilyn Monroe. Other people claim that Mary from the “Mary legends” once lived on the property. People report feelings of unease, and that something watches them while they are on the property.