A Brief history: Located at 34 Muttontown Lane in East Norwich New York, Chelsea Mansion was built between 1923 and 1924 by Benjamin Moore and his wife. The property was bought in 1923 and a wing was added for their children in 1929. They were inspired to create a white manor similar to one they saw while on a honeymoon in China in 1921. The mansion has 40 rooms and with the surrounding land comes to 550 acres. In 1979 it was included to the National Register of Historic Places. The mansion was named after Chelsea, New York, where Mrs. Moore’s family had lived for generations, as well as being where the cobblestone for the grounds was brought from. Benjamin Moore was an attorney that became the first mayor of Muttontown in 1931. He is known well as being a relative of a man who wrote the famous Christmas poem “A visit from St. Nicholas” known to many as “The night before Christmas”. That man was Benjamin Moore”s great great grandfater. He and his family lived in Chelsea Mansion along with their homes in Florida and New York through the years before his death on 1938. His wife remarried and lived in the home for many more years. In 1964 Mrs. Moore began donating the surrounding land to Nassau County. She lived in Chelsea Mansion until 1983 when she died. Today Chelsea Mansion is used as a wedding venue and is immensely popular. Many of the rooms are inaccessible to the public due to being unrestored but are at times rented to non-profit organizations for use. The grounds are well kept and many visitors and locals visit for tours.

Haunted History: Over the years people have claimed to see a woman in white walk through the hallways and then disappear. Visitors have also claimed to have felt a cold chill along with uneasy feelings on the 2ndfloor.