A Brief History: Chowning’s Tavern is located within Colonial Williamsburg at 109 E Duke of Gloucester St, Williamsburg Virginia. The tavern was originally built in 1766 but was lost to time like much of the surrounding settlement. During restoration efforts in 1939 the tavern was rebuilt, modeled after surviving taverns of the period in England and Virginia. The replica structure in present day serves as a restaurant specializing in historical and regional specialties. Singleton P. Moorhead, the architect responsible for the building’s reconstruction, took extreme care when referring to historical accounts of the original structure, and while reviewing illustrations of similar structures of the period. This helped establish the standard of authentic detail demanded for each reconstruction project on the site.

Haunted History: Chowning’s Tavern, like the rest of Colonial Williamsburg, seems to experience a significant number of paranormal occurrences. In 2015 a local paranormal group published an interview with a former security guard for the settlement. The guard described an evening well after closing, where he and his partner heard what sounded like a social gathering from within the tavern. The phantom sounds quickly escalated to the sounds of an altercation involving a young woman. Upon investigating the security guards found no sign of trespassers within the building or in the surrounding area.