A Brief History: The house was built in 1837 by Clark Greenman and his two brothers, George and Thomas Greenman. The brothers had purchased 12 acres of land on the bend of the Mystic River in Connecticut. Clark and his brothers went on to build two other houses for his brothers (The George Greenman house and the Thomas Greenman house.) The brothers had decided to name this community after themselves naming it “Greenmanville.” The Clark Greenman house was used to house Clark and his family as he and his brother’s community began to thrive. The brothers had also expanded into New England’s Textile business so they could build a woolen mill in 1849. The brother’s community was at its prime when they added a shipyard, which is where Clark spent most of his days managing. Today the shipyard is busier than ever; it is a Maritime museum, it is known to be the nation’s leading Maritime museum in Maritime education.

Haunted History: There have been claims of seeing an apparition of a man in 19th century clothing working outside of the house and then just disappear.