A Brief History: The Columbia House is located at 26 Ocean Drive Cape May New Jersey. A hotel was built by Captain George Hildreth in 1846. The great fire of 1878 destroyed 35 acres of land, including the hotel. Fortunately no one was in the hotel at the time of the fire. Years later, German immigrant William Essen decided to build over the land. Making his fortune with ice cream and baked goods, he used his wealth to build his summer home. The Columbia House is now used as a bed and breakfast, filled with antiques from years past.

Haunted History: Columbia House is known as an active spot for two ghosts. William Essen himself, who died from diabetes, is said to mess with people’s electronics. There are accounts of the air conditioners being manipulated when talked about and the microwave spelling out ‘Hello’. Alex the cat ghost is said to have belonged to a previous owner. Many visiting cat owners swear that they feel something similar to when their furry friends walk across them. It’s common to wake up thinking something has jumped into bed with you.