A Brief History: The Cronin building is located at 80 State Street in New London Connecticut. The building was designed by George Warren Cole and built in 1892 by Jerimiah Cronin. The building has a Romanesque style and caught people’s attention due to its texturized brickwork and decorative arches. In the late 1800s the Cronin building was used as a public library, later on it became the Williams Memorial Institute. George Warren Cole also opened architectural offices in the building, which brought in other young architects to the city. Before the Cronin Building was built a city hotel stood on the grounds. Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson had stayed in that hotel. Today the Cronin building stands the way it looked in the 1800s with its unique appearance, however the building is vacant and in need of restoration.

Haunted History: People that have walked through the building have claimed to feel extreme cold spots and a very uneasy feeling.