A Brief History: The Curtis House Inn is located at 506 Main Street Woodbury Connecticut. The Curtis House Inn was built in 1734, by Reverend Anthony Stoddard. The house was originally built to be a family home, until his grandson opened it as a Public House called the Orenaug Inn. In 1754, the name was changed to the Curtis House Inn, the namesake it kept until 2019. The original two-story structure has been renovated several times in its 200-year history in order to accommodate more guests. In 1900, the roof of the Curtis House Inn was raised in order to create a third floor, with even more guest rooms. Over the first 200 years, four separate yet unrelated Curtis families owned the Inn. The Curtis House Inn is the oldest inn in Connecticut, and one of the oldest in the entire country. The namesake was changed in 2019, when it was sold and renamed, the Evergreen Inn and Tavern.

Haunted History: Former owner Lucius Foot, is said to be one of the many ghostly occupants of The Curtis House Inn, after he was found dead under suspicious circumstances in the nearby church cemetery. There is rumored to be a woman housekeeper, still doing her job in room 16. Guests report having their covers tugged throughout the night, or even being pushed from their bed. A male entity wanders the hall in 17thcentury attire. A former dishwasher named Joe is said to be seen eating his favorite meal in the basement. Guests also report hearing footsteps followed by the dragging of chains in the hallways of the second floor.