FACT: The Digital Electro Static Meter detects static electricity from a number of sources. Here are some examples of static electricity. Clothing such as nylon and fleece, television sets, carpeted floors, etc., give off the most static electricity.

THEORY: In theory when a ghost/spirit manifests it will give off a static electric charge that can be picked up by this meter.


  1. Press the on button and release.

  2. Discharge your body by touching a grounded object.

  3. Press and hold the “on/zero” button until the meter reads zero, with the meter facing a grounded object.

  4. Use the LED distance indicator to position the meter 1 inch from the target(grounded object) until the LED indicator lights stay lit.

  5. Press and release the “hold/off” button to take readings.

  6. When the investigation is complete make sure you log your readings in the field report book.

RANGE: The range on this meter is from +/- 0.00kV/inch to +/- 19.99kV/inch. The range from the meter to the active field is from 0 – 4 feet.

READINGS: The Unit of measurement for this meter is kilovolt per inch kV/inch. Paranormal activity occurs between +/- 5kV/inch from your base reading. Be aware of the weather patters that day to check to see if there are any thunderstorms in the area, and check the environment on location because things may throw off your readings.