DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. Our DVR system has a 1-terabyte hard drive, with 8 Infrared (IR) Cameras. The range of the cameras is 0 – 115 feet. Some of the features on our DVR system are that you’re able to record 8 cameras simultaneously. You’re able to view one camera at a time or in a 8-way split screen. You’re able to either speed up or slow down the recording for better analysis. You’re able to burn a segment of the footage that you have recorded.

There are two types of cameras we may use: One of the types is a hard line camera, which means that you have to run wires from the DVR System to each camera you’re using. The other types of cameras we may use are wireless cameras, which means that there are no wires involved in connecting the camera to the DVR System. Some of the problems with wireless cameras are that the signal may cut out while you’re recording. Another problem is that you’re restricted to a certain range for the wireless cameras to work.

The objective of the DVR System is to try and capture paranormal activity, such as a ghost or an apparition on video. By using the DVR system, this enhances your chance of capturing something on video because you can use up to 8 cameras, at different locations, at a time.