A Brief History: The Emily Morgan Hotel is located at 705 East Houston Street San Antonio Texas. The building stands 13 stories high and was built in 1924 and developed by JM Nix, and designed by Ralph Cameron. It first opened as a medical arts building used as a hospital, which had surgery rooms, a psychiatric ward, as well as a morgue. In 1976 the building converted from a hospital to an office building. A year later in 1977 the building was deemed a historical landmark. In 1984 the building would turn into The Emily Morgan Hotel, as we all know it today.

The hotel got its name from Emily Morgan aka Emily D West. She grew up under slavery and was a servant for Colonel James Morgan. At the time it was a custom for servants to use their masters surname, hence Emily Morgan. On April 16, 1836 Mexican troops captured multiple servants from Colonel James Morgan. The story goes that General Santana grew a liking to Emily, and she would be forced to stay in his tent. On April 21, 1836 the Texan troops were getting ready to charge and somehow Emily knew of this, so she would stall General Santana. General Santana was unable to give the orders to guard the camp and attack the Texans, causing him to lose the battle. This being one of the reasons why the Mexicans lost the overall battle of Texas.

After the loss of the battle, Emily was let free and it is believed that she returned to her home state of New York. There isn’t much more documented history on Emily after this occurs, but Emily’s legend would keep growing. Some people believe that she was the inspiration for the song “The Yellow Rose of Texas”.

In 2012 The Emily Morgan Hotel went under a multi million-dollar renovation and became part of the Hilton Hotel chain.

Haunted History: The Emily Morgan is claimed to be the 3rd most haunted hotel in the world according to USA Today. Many guests who stayed at the hotel experience unusual things such as unexplained voices, an apparition of a woman dressed in a white gown, and feelings of being touched. Some believe that the most haunted floors of the hotel are the 12th and 14th floors, which was were the operating rooms when it was a hospital. There are also claims of activity on the basement level, which is where the morgue was. Guests have claimed that when they would take the elevator, it would bring you down passed the floor you were going to, and arrive at the basement level. When the doors opened up the guest said that they felt a sudden chill and an intense smell of metal. The doors would then close and you would arrive on the floor you originally wanted to get off at. So next time your in the area, check out the Emily Morgan Hotel and maybe you’ll have an experience you wont forget.