A Brief History: Sitting inside the now living museum of Colonial Williamsburg sits the Everard House. The home was constructed by local gunsmith John Brush in 1717. The house was also once the home of the mayor of colonial Williamsburg, Thomas Everard. Thomas Everard purchased the property and house in the 1750s. Everard served two terms as mayor. The first was 1766 through 1767, and then from 1771 through 1772. Everard spent much of his life in local government. He served as county court clerk of York County up until his death in 1781. After Thomas Everard passed away, the house he lived in went through many owners. Eventually it became part of the Colonial Williamsburg historical restoration town. Today visitors to the house are able to walk through it seeing it as it looked in 1773.

Haunted History: Visitors claim to feel unusual cold spots, and have seen unusual shadows move about the house.