A Brief History: Fairfield Hills State Hospital is located in Newtown, Connecticut and was built in 1929. It was a psychiatric hospital that opened in 1931 and operated until 1995. During that time, it housed the criminally insane from all over Connecticut. Like many mental institutions of the time, it practiced a lot of controversial methods of treatment including electroshock therapy, hydrotherapy, and frontal lobotomies. It also had a history of patient suicides and mysterious deaths. After it’s closure in 1995, the hospital has been featured on screen in movies and on TV. It is also a hotbed of activity for paranormal investigators, psychics, etc. In more recent years, it has been refurbished by the town and used for municipal offices and other commercial/recreational purposes.

Haunted History: Since the hospital closed, there have been many stories documenting paranormal activity. Voices have been heard screaming in pain and reports of apparitions dressed in white are believed to be former patients and employees of the institution. Remnants of a place with a cruel and dark history.